Box of 500 6mm Biodegradable and Compostable Straws with Hashtag

Temporarily Out of Stock. 
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Each Box Contains 500 Straws

Quick Specs:

  • Made from Plantastic 100% plant starch compostable plastic
  • 6mm x 200mm
  • Matte black 
  • Printed with white hashtag #PLASTICFROMPLANTS 
  • 500 per box.

Payment Options:

  1. Pay by bank transfer to our Thai account (please notify by email after payment has been made.)
  2. Pay with  all major credit / debit cards and more via our OPN Payments provider.

If you need a quote for your company's purchasing department, please place an order and select bank transfer.  You will be sent a quote automatically by our system.  You can also contact us and we will create the order for you.

For delivery outside Thailand please contact us for a quote.  Also custom printing available. 


Plantastic #PLASTICFROMPLANTS Compostable Straws look, feel and perform the same as oil-based plastic straws, however they are made from 100% plant based starch!

There are numerous environmental benefits to using these straws:

  • Made from 100% renewable source (plants)
  • 65% less energy used in production
  • 68% fewer greenhouse gases
  • Compostable
  • No dangerous fumes when incinerated 
  • Contains zero toxins to leak into ground water if disposed into landfill
  • Breaks down faster than oil based plastic
  • Made from organic material which will not break down into toxic microplastics.
  • Raw Material Certification Certified by FDA, EN13432, ASTM D6400, BPI.

These Straws Pay for Themselves!

"Smithsonian magazine reported that retailer Wild Oats benefited from a 17% increase in deli sales when they switched to plant based plastics." 

All our straws are hashtagged #PLASTICFROMPLANTS to let your guests and customers know that you are serious about plastic pollution and sustainable living. Customers are increasingly environmentally aware and the use of oil-based single use plastics is increasingly frowned upon.  Be one of the first to move over to a better form of plastic and see the benefits it bring to your environment and your businesses bottom line.