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Who are Plantastic?

Based in Thailand where plastic pollution is an urgent problem, Plantastic are dedicated to bringing sustainable, effective and convenient solutions to the global issue of plastic pollution. 

Our products have the convenience, look and feel of traditional oil based plastics but with several major benefits:

• Made from a 100% renewable source (plants!)

Fully Compostable and Biodegradable 

Zero toxic plastic fumes when incinerated

• Will not pollute the food chain with oil-based toxic microplastics

No nasty toxins to leach into the earth when put in landfill (they are made of corn!)

Breaks down faster than oil based plastic (in as little as a few months compared to thousands of years!)

65% less energy used in its production

68% fewer greenhouse gases used in its production

• Your customers will LOVE them

• They make your company look awesome

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When retailer Wild Oats switched to plant based plastics, they directly "boosted the company’s deli sales by 17 percent*"


Better for the Environment and Better For Your Bottom Line

"When retailer Wild Oats switched to plant based plastics, they directly "boosted the company’s deli sales by 17 percent"

Being an environmentally conscious business is not always easy -  You want to do the right thing but you NEED to make profits. 

With Plantastic's #plasticfromplants products  you don't have to chose between doing the right thing and making money.

Our #plasticfromplants compostable straws can help boost your sales by increasing the perceived value of the drinks you offer.

By making the small and cost effective change of using a premium quality ecologically friendly straw you immediately differentiate yourself from your competitors and position your brand as an ecologically minded forward thinking company.  This small change and  just an extra 1 cent (USD) on your drink costs can have huge rewards. 

Our straws are around 1 cent (USD) more than a regular massed produced oil-based plastic straw.  The added value of using  an eco product and the boost to your company's image can result in greatly increased sales revenue, social shares and positive reaction towards your brand.

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"I love that these straws are better for the environment, look great and are hygienic and convenient.  Our customers love them." 

Shaun Hill - Blue Note Bar

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