Do You Do Custom Printing/Custom Logo Orders?

Yes, you can do a custom order with different size/logo/colour.  You read on our page here: Custom Order Page.

What are #PLASTICFROMPLANTS products made from?

Our #PLASTICFROMPLANTS products are made from various natural polymers including Polylactic Acid which is a type of bioplastic made from plant starch (mainly corn).  

What are the benefits of using Plantastic Products over Oil-based plastics?

Our #PLASTICFROMPLANTS range is compostable and not just biodegradable.  Other biodegradable plastics are still made from oil but have a special additive which helps them break down (biodegrade).  This can actually hurt the environment more as the toxic oil-based plastic enters the food chain as micro-plastics.   #PLASTICFROMPLANTS plastics are compostable meaning when they biodegrade they become compost or food for the soil so they re-enter the food chain in a beneficial way to the environment.

How to Store Plantastic Products?

Our products are made from natural materials and are designed to breakdown, they therefore require careful storage.  Our products must be stored out of direct sunlight and below 30C.  We recommend to not keep large amounts in stock and not keep on shelves more than 6 months is ideal. 

How to Dispose of Plantastic Compostable Products?

1. Composting 

If you have access to a composting facility then this is the best way to dispose of our compostable straws.  They will break down into natural compost within a few months under the right conditions.  Unfortunately, most towns do not provide these facilities at the moment.  We are unsure how long it will take these straws will break down in a home composter.  It will vary by the specific conditions.  With the right mix of heat and moisture, they should break down in a few months.

We are testing our straws with several other organisations.  We believe that the conditions in Thailand are excellent for composting our straws as a temperature over 50C (inside the composter) and over 80% humidity is needed to break the material down fast.  We will publish our results when known.

2. Incineration

Our straws are made from 100% natural and non-toxic plant starch.  When they are incinerated they produce zero toxic fumes.  Try burning one yourself to see!  If your local waste disposal uses incineration to deal with rubbish then these straws are ideal.  You can also burn our straws yourself on your bbq or bonfire and they will not produce zero noxious or toxic fumes.  You can collect the straws in a bucket in your premises and burn them periodically or use as firelighters when you have a bbq.

3. Landfill

Composting and incineration are by far the preferred methods of disposal for our straws.  However, even if our straws end up as landfill they are far less damaging to the environment than traditional oil-based straws. 

Oil-based plastics cause many serious environmental issues. Firstly they leach toxic chemicals into the soil and groundwater. They also break down into toxic microplastics which are extremely harmful when they enter the food chain.  It is estimated that 30% of fish in the sea have microplastics in their gut.  Microplastics have been linked with cancer and other serious illnesses in humans.  As our products are non-toxic and are 100% plant-based they will not cause these issues.

How Long Until I Recieve My Plantastic Products?

Orders will be shipped within 2 working days by Thai post with tracking.  Domestic orders to Thailand should take 2 - 4 days.  International orders please allow around 2 weeks.  Your tracking will be updated and emailed to you.

Preorders will be shipped as soon as stock arrives.