International Importation & Distribution

Now is the Time to Get Involved in the Multi-Billion Dollar Bio-Plastics Industry!

Plantastic Products is looking for dynamic distribution partners from around the globe to take our highly sought after biodegradable products into their market place.

We are offering exclusive distribution agreements with in-market A&P marketing support. We are experts at sales and marketing strategies and work alongside our distributors to develop in-market sales channels with the F&B , hospitality and supermarket industries within your region. 

What are the wonderful benefits enjoyed by our Distributors?

-Very attractive short or long-term distribution agreements

-Competitive FOB pricing 

-Great sales and marketing support combined with extensive product, sales and marketing training

-Tailored digital marketing support

We are so much more than a manufacturer!

The global Bioplastics Market size will exhibit a CAGR of 16.2% and reach USD 19.93 billion by 2026. Now is the time to join the movement and position your business to take advantage of the growing popularity of being plastic free. This movement is clearly being adopted by governments from around the world as every month another country bans importation and sales of oil based plastics.

So, if you dislike plastic waste as much as us and you have what it takes to sell Plantastic Products in your country, then please fill out our form below to get involved in the red hot bioplastics market and partner with a brand that makes a difference.

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